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Journey to Save a Life

One of the primary goals of the Foundation has continually been to provide breast care and breast awareness services to the communities that are served.  What better way to do that than through making mammograms available to medically underserved and medically underinsured women without a cost.  The Foundation developed a cooperative working relationship with Merit Health Natchez in Natchez, MS.  A woman, who meets either of these criteria is eligible.  The hospital schedules the mammogram and the woman receives the necessary medical attention. 


Sisters In Touch Support Group

The very first program organized by the Foundation was a support group, Sisters In Touch.  Survivors are encouraged to share concerns that they may be experiencing following their diagnosis of breast cancer.  The agenda is varied and may include guest speakers who are experts in a varied array of subjects, heart to heart discussions and even games.  The value of such a setting is that those members who are currently a part of the group are able to provide valuable information, such as their reaction to a particular medication, identify their doctor, or joke about having “chemo brain”. The group leader is cognizant of the needs of the group and oftentimes introduce topics accordingly.  It is not unusual for survivors to continue their participation regardless of the length of survivorship.  Join us…the group meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00 PM via zoom (until further notice).


Breast Health Education

Oftentimes, women in the community may not be aware of precautionary measures that can be taken to weaponize the body against a breast cancer diagnosis.  This phenomenon is particularly true in the medically underserved community.  This is where Washington Breast Cancer Foundation plays a major role.  Informational seminars are presented that include proper nutrition, exercise, and of course the importance of monthly self-breast examinations. Demonstrations of how each woman may perform the procedure is made available.  Participants are encouraged to recognize the beauty of her body and ways to properly care for it.


 Social Support to Families

Families are encouraged to attend and participate in activities sponsored by the Foundation, i.e. health fair presentations and other communal events.  This service is also evidenced through relationships developed in the support group.  Group members reach out to others and encourage good breast health care amongst family and friends. 

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