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The Foundation aims to promote healing for those diagnosed with breast cancer by addressing their psychological, emotional and spiritual needs throughout this life journey. 

 The very first program organized by the Foundation was a support group for breast cancer survivors.  The group, Sisters In Touch, was organized with 5 breast cancer survivors!    All breast cancer survivors are welcome!


The Washington Breast Cancer Foundation Board of Directors remains committed to providing free mammograms to medically uninsured and medically underinsured women in the Miss-Lou. 


We could not continue the work of this organization without your support. Thanks to our donors and sponsors.




The Edna B. and Joyce Fay Washington Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc is a 501(c) 3 organization that was founded in 1994.  The organization’s mission is to promote healing through culturally sensitive programs that address the psychological, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs of medically underserved women.


Ultimately, the Foundation seeks to impact Mississippi and Louisiana by providing culturally sensitive services within the social, economic and political context of the 21st century. The primary target population for the foundation consists of medically underserved and medically uninsured women. 



Getting a breast cancer diagnosis was quite overwhelming for me, especially because my younger brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just one month before. My surgeon, Dr. Johnny Gibson, told me about the support group, but I didn’t join until after the late Wanda Roberts kept encouraging me to do so.  This group proves the adage that you don’t know what someone is going through until you’ve walked in their shoes.  Being able to talk about having breast cancer and all of its ramifications with others who truly understand is transformational.  Seeing other women who have survived for many years gives hope to those who are newly diagnosed. What I appreciate most about Sisters In Touch is the ability to “touch” those who are newly diagnosed and to be a beacon of hope for them."


Sharon S.

Diagnosed:  August 1996


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